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CATEGORY: Outputs     Binary Output 8 Fold                                                                                                                      
  PEAR PA-8S-230-16-1RM 

PEAR Switching actuator 8-fold, 230V, 16A, 200µF, 5HP


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Product RangePEAR Switching actuators
Dimensions88 x 58 x 90mm

KNX switching actuator with 8 potential free 16A Outputs for switching resistive, inductive and capacitive loads (max. 200µF) and 4 innovative channel-independent logic functions.
- adjustable behaviour on power breakdown / return (for each channel separately or together)
- 2 free linkable central functions
- opening/closing contact mode
- feedback object, invertable
- disable functions, forced guidance
- staircase lighting function or ON-/OFF delay with numerous configuration possibilities
- 5 storable 8-bit scenes per channel with own feedback object per channel
- channel-dependent logic functions for digital linking
- 4 innovative channel-independent logic functions for digital or analog logic with 1 or 2 bit output objects – best possible use of resources, the space requirement of the PA-8S-230-16-1RM actuator is only 5 din modules without any compromise on performance in terms of wiring comfort or quality. Installation on 35mm DIN rails. Product databases from ETS3f upwards.

Weight: 258g without packaging / 291g with packaging

Further information


PEAR | 8-fold Switching actuator | Datasheet
Click to download the file (156Kb, 6-Mar-2012)
PEAR | 8-fold Switching actuator | Installation instructions
Click to download the file (189Kb, 6-Mar-2012)
PEAR | 8-fold Switching actuator | Product Handbook
Click to download the file (1436Kb, 6-Mar-2012)
PEAR | 8-fold Switching actuator | Wiring diagram
Click to download the file (119Kb, 6-Mar-2012)


PEAR | 8 channel Switching actuator | ETS application file
Click to download the file (166Kb, 6-Mar-2012)

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